Circle of Moms

A MotherWoman Group for Pregnant and Postpartum Moms

Women’s Health Associates’ Certified Nurse Midwife, Anne Vaillant welcomes pregnant and postpartum moms to a free support group program.

Talk with other moms about:

  • The adjustment to motherhood at all levels
  • Balancing day-to-day self and baby care
  • The range of feelings experienced

Mother kissing her sleeping newborn

Come as often as you would like to this free group, facilitated by mothers who bring warmth, compassion, and experience to the program. You are welcomed to a safe, confidential space where you may speak the truth about motherhood. This is a place to be heard, understood, nurtured, energized, and validated.

For more information contact:
Anne Vaillant:
(413) 562-8306

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