Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are you in balance?

In our youth, we feel great, look great, have lots of energy and sleep restfully. But as we age, everything in stages starts to feel not quite so right. Our hormones naturally take a nose dive and lots of unwanted things can start to happen: we gain weight, we lose interest in sex and we can’t seem to get a solid night’s sleep or even think straight.

Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are three primary hormones that are produced by the ovaries during reproductive years. Beginning as early as the mid thirties, the natural production of these hormones will decline, which is normal for the aging process, but not necessarily healthy.

Women’s Health Associates can help get some of that balance back with Hormone Replacement Therapy. These hormone balancing treatments are simply the chemical structure that our bodies naturally synthesize. Dr. Wool and his staff use single or multiple bio-equivalent hormones to help women achieve the healthy state of hormone balance that is typically present when we are in our 30’s. HRT can be administered by oral preparation or transdermal patch via plant isoflavones, combination therapies or non-hormonal nutriceuticals.

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